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of Babywearing.

Join a community of babywearers from the Valley to Vancouver, dedicated to sharing safe, comfortable, and accessible babywearing knowledge. Discover the joys and benefits for both baby and caregiver through our guidance and support.

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Babywearing Challenges

Any of this sound like you?

Any of this

sound like you?

  • Choosing the Right Carrier: Overwhelmed by the many options and unsure which is best for your baby?

  • Safety and Comfort Concerns: Worried about correctly and safely babywearing, and your baby’s comfort?

  • Balancing Babywearing and Life: Struggling to manage daily tasks while keeping your baby close?

  • Seeking Support: Looking for guidance and a community to share in your babywearing journey?

We understand these challenges because we've been there too.

'We Love Babywearing from the Valley to Vancouver' was born out of the need for a supportive, informative community that addresses these very issues.

Our purpose is to guide and assist:

For New Parents: Feeling lost in the world of babywearing? We provide the clarity and support you need.

For Seasoned Caregivers: Seeking to refine your babywearing skills or share your experiences? Our community is your space.

For Everyone in Between: Whether you're facing daily struggles or seeking more profound bonding experiences, we're here to help.

Babywearing is the common thread that binds us. Our group exists to make your journey into babywearing as smooth and joyful as possible, providing a safe, welcoming space for all parents and caregivers. Join us and discover a world where babywearing is accessible, comfortable, and deeply rewarding.

Joining is Easy - Here's How

Navigate Your Babywearing Journey

Embarking on a journey of learning, support, and community by joining 'We Love Babywearing from the Valley to Vancouver'.

  • Connect with Our Community: Start by joining our Facebook group, where you'll meet a supportive network of new and seasoned babywearers from the Greater Vancouver area and beyond.

  • Attend Workshops and Meet-ups: Gain practical knowledge and hands-on experience in our workshops and community meet-ups, tailored to all levels of babywearing expertise. (New events coming soon)

  • Subscribe to the V2V Lending Library: Choose between our monthly or yearly subscriptions to access a diverse range of baby carriers, perfect for your unique babywearing needs.

  • Enjoy Continuous Support and Growth: Benefit from ongoing advice, tips, and shared experiences within our community, helping you grow and enjoy every step of your babywearing journey.

Real Stories, Real Impact.

What others say about the

V2V lending library

What others

say about us

"I was so appreciative and had a great experience!... I am so grateful that I could try out a carrier from a library that I knew I could trust"

- Lisa H.

"[The Lending Library] set me on the path to babywearing three kiddos with confidence and trust. Thank-you so much for providing this essential service!!!"

- Sarah K.

"The library is such a wonderful resource for all parents, I tell everyone who asks about baby carriers to go to you first."

- Alice B.

Choose the v2v carrier lending library Subscription That Fits Your Life

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Babywearing Experience


Monthly Subscription:

Ideal for parents who want flexibility and the opportunity to try different carriers as their baby grows. Each month, explore 2 new carriers that align with your changing needs. This is for you if you are looking for a month to month solution.


Yearly Subscription:

Perfect for those who appreciate consistency and longer-term solutions. Enjoy access to a broader range of carriers, ensuring you always have the perfect fit as your child develops.

Both options provide you with a cost-effective way to experience various baby carriers without the commitment of a full purchase.

Plus, as part of our lending library, you gain access to our supportive community, full of advice, tips, and shared experiences.

Take the guesswork out of babywearing and enjoy the journey with the perfect carrier for every stage of your baby's growth. Subscribe today and start a journey of comfort, bonding, and convenience.

Designed with You in Mind

Babywearing for Every Parent and Caregiver

Whether you're a new parent navigating the early stages of childcare, a seasoned caregiver looking for more convenient ways to bond with your baby, or anyone in between, 'We Love Babywearing from the Valley to Vancouver' is for you.

Our offerings are tailored to meet the diverse needs of families across the Greater Vancouver area.

For New Parents: Learn babywearing basics in a supportive, friendly environment, easing the transition into parenthood.

For Experienced Caregivers: Discover advanced techniques and share your wisdom within our community, continuing your babywearing journey with confidence.

For Those Seeking Flexibility and Convenience: The V2V Carrier Lending Library offers a practical, cost-effective solution for trying out different carriers as your baby grows.

'We Love Babywearing from the Valley to Vancouver' is more than just a resource; it's a community where every parent's journey is honoured and supported.

Whether you seek emotional bonding, practical solutions, or a mix of both, our doors are open to you. Join us and find your perfect babywearing path, tailored to your family's unique rhythm and lifestyle.

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